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Align Massage & Wellness Services Prices and Menu

Every session is customized to each person's needs. Select a time and from the services that interest you below. I will then help build your own tailored care plan to help perpetuate your self-care, healing, and wellness. 

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Sports Massage

Designed to help athletes before, during, and after training. It is useful for anyone who exercises to increase flexibility, prevent injuries and help with recovery after muscle use.

Cupping Therapy

Suction cups that create a negative pressure environment allowing for myofascial decompression as the skin is drawn in. While massage therapy uses direct pressure to release tension, cupping uses negative pressure to lift the muscle fibers and draw blood to the area.


Specific techniques that are slow, deep strokes that are goal oriented in manipulating muscles and fascial groups in the structural direction to support the body's natural alignment.

Trigger Point Therapy

The objective of trigger point therapy is releasing or softening a muscle knot to reduce (or eliminate) the knot pain and associated pain. This release happens by applying various levels of pressure and stripping of the muscle adhesions.

Injury Massage

Treatment focuses on relieving acute injured areas while manipulating specific muscles, ligaments, and tendons to promote healing and improve mobility. 

Contrast Hydrotherapy

Alternating between hot and cold devices expands and contracts your blood vessels increasing blood circulation and reducing inflammation. The rapid blood flow carries extra oxygen and nutrients to your muscles to assist with repair and

 decrease pain.

Prenatal Massage

A full body massage with modifications in body positioning to ensure the safety and comfort for both mother and baby. Can also help induce labor. 

Chronic Pain

Occurs when poor body position,  trigger points, and/or injuries create long lasting pain that never seem to vanish. Some of these occurrences can last for years with a cycle of agonizing pain to then subduing to a low dormant pain but still never quite leaves. 

Deep Tissue

Works to lengthen and relax deep tissue. This type of massage may help manage pain and increase a person’s range of motion.

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