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Align your body, Align your life

Want medically minded bodywork that focuses on long lasting change? That doesn't just feel good during the massage and reverts back to pain as soon as the session is over, but instead helps you feel immediate difference and relief? Come give Align a try! 

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Get to Know your Therapist

Hello All! My name is Bre Kilgrow! I have been a Licensed Massage Therapist for 8 years and a Physiotherapist for 3 years.  The world of preventative care and helping introduce it to others, are some of things I'm passionate about. There is nothing better than helping those who have been living off of pain killers and lined up for surgery. I love being able to show that we can figure out their body together and reach their goals of pain relief, function, and mobility as a team. I have been working with chiropractors for the majority of my career and for the first time, starting May 2023, I decided to venture on my own and open Align Massage & Wellness. 

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Why Align Massage & Wellness?

Do you work at a desk? Have you been in a car accident? Ever had an injury or experience trauma? Do you go to the gym? Are you a runner, athlete, do CrossFit? Are you pregnant or have ever given birth? Do you experience chronic pain? Do you get constant headaches and migraines? Are you a human? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then massage and bodywork is for you!  


Here at Align Massage & Wellness, my goals are your goals. Every session is tailored to each individuals' needs. My specialty is to identify client's chronic holding patterns and causes for dysfunction through techniques derived from Structural Integration called Physiotherapy. Although, relaxing massages can be fun and are needed at certain times, my main focus in medically minded massages/bodywork is to target the muscle/fascial groups that are out of alignment which cause you to feel dysfunction, pain, and immobility. I approach my client's bodywork as a medical necessity to maintain and prevent injury. My goal is to put you back in alignment so gravity is pulling at your body in the correct manner. My vision is to help each individual function at peak performance and live their most fulfilled life. 


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Injury Massage-

Sports injuries

Car Accidents


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